The BMEF is pleased to announce our grants and initiatives awarded for 2015. Over $49,,000 in funding was approved for initiative and grant projects that will enhance and enrich a variety of curricular areas at all of the Briarcliff schools.

Grants and Initiative Projects

  • Handbell Refurbishment to be used in ALL Briarcliff Manor Schools

Funding to refurbish handbells. The 40+ year-old bells need repair, adjustment, and complete refurbishment.

  • Boogie Boards for Todd

Purchase of Boogie Board Original eWriter with sleeve cover. These LCD tablets are great for children to practice writing letters, numbers, words and writing sentences.  Write with the stylus or any other instrument- even a finger.

  • Alternative & Ergonomic Seating Options at Todd

A pilot project of multi-sensory seating options for 4th grade. In joint collaboration between the occupational therapy team and the fourth grade teachers. This pilot group will also serve as a resource to investigate the future potential for use of these seating options K-5.

  • Artist in Residence "Day in Clay" Program at Todd

This Artist in residency project will provide the opportunity for our students in 5th grade to participate in a rich multi-cultural experience in ceramic arts. In addition our faculty will enjoy a continuation of a unique collegial “team building” and wellness initiative. Students will have an enriched studio experience in clay working, painting, glazing, as well as be further educated on the techniques in ceramic art 3 dimensionally. They will also see the function of art in history as it pertains to a particular culture.

  • Kinesthetic Classrooms - BMEF Initiative Project at BMS

Funding for a pilot program of dynamic seating in two classrooms at Briarcliff Middle School, the classrooms are being outfitted through Steelcase with innovative, new and exciting seating and classroom organization configurations.

  • Guidance Direct Program at BHS

Funds to purchase the Guidance Direct/Career Connections Subscription for 4 counselors and all students. Guidance Direct is an all NY state, and a comprehensive transition planning resource for NY state students.

  • BHS Bruin Yearbook

 Funding for the purchase a camera and camera accessories to be used by the yearbook staff for the express purpose of taking high quality photographs to be published in the high school yearbook, The Briarcliff Bruin.

  • Electric Car Project - BHS

Funding for batteries for the BHS engineering's electric car project. Batteries will be used on “RACE DAY.” There is no way to recharge the batteries at the racetrack and participation must end when the batteries die. By having a spare set of batteries, Briarcliff can be more competitive at the race.

  • Art Exhibition Materials at BHS

Funding to purchase small and medium size, wooden frames to be used for artwork going to the Katonah Museum of Art. Frames are also used to display within the school halls as we have limited cases. Frames will also be used to replace some of the older and broken existing frames.

  • BHS School Store by the BHS Finance Club

Finance Club members will open a school store for Briarcliff High School.  Grant money will be used to purchase the initial startup items. The availability of Briarcliff Bear themed products and attire will be a boon to BHS school spirit.  Furthermore, the Finance Club aspires to grow into a profit-generating organization that willraise money to put toward individual grade and school-wide functions.

  • BHS Weather Station Update

Finance This project is to replace the currently not working weather station at Briarcliff High School. This will benefit the students and faculty of the high school, and the middle school will also have access to the data obtained by the system.