The BMEF is pleased to announce our grants awarded for 2013. Over $35,000 in funding was approved for 9 projects to enhance and enrich a variety of curricular areas at all of the Briarcliff schools.

  • 3-D Printer - BMS & BHS

Funding for a 3-D printer to allow students the ability to access state of the art technology in the classroom. The middle school technology curriculum can be modified so that all middle school students can have an opportunity to utilize the printer. Can also use the 3-D printer with high school principles of engineering classes.

  • Smart Document Cameras for First Grade at Todd

Funds to purchase SMART document cameras for each first grade classroom. Cameras will enrich all subject areas by projecting student work for discussion and review, better modeling activities through teacher-created samples and helping to coordinate our Primary Mathematics text with these cameras as the materials are not available online.

  • Puskin Players at Todd

Funding for Todd Musical in 2013-14 school year. Involves 90 students and their families and benefitting entire school. Will help to provide a comprehensive performing arts experience for Todd students and the community.

  • Portable Amplification Systems for Kindergarten at Todd

Funds for a portable amplification system called FrontRow to Go for teacher use in classroom. Objectives of system include: Increase student achievement, Increase student attention, behavior and management, Provide student equity, Prevent teacher fatigue, Technology integration, Increased language growth, Increase in teacher instruction time with improved student attention, and decreased distractibility and increase on task behavior. 

  • Daily Five Literacy Framework - Pilot Project in 2nd Grade Classroom at Todd

Funding to support a new initiative instituted this year in Ms. DiGilio's classroom. The Daily 5 is a framework in which she organizes a daily literacy block for students to be actively engaged in all areas of literacy. The area of Daily 5 called Listen to Reading, allows students to listen to a variety of literature and respond to the literature based on our weekly comprehension skill. Listening to reading is vital to the growth of a child’s reading fluency and vocabulary development.

  • Smart Document Cameras for English Classrooms at BMS

The Smart Document Cameras will enable students in English classes to project their work onto the smart board screen for all in the class to learn from, model, enjoy, etc. Likewise, teachers can display work examples. It also is helpful in that a teacher can have a workbook or textbook open right there, under the camera and be modeling the answers “live,” much like an overhead projector used to work. 

  • Gizmos Subscription at BMS

This project is for an annual subscription to Explore Learning’s Gizmo website. This subscription will be available to all middle school students to be used in both science and math. The website has simulations related to different topics that enhance the learning process. This is a site we have used with great success over the past 2 years.

  • MacBook Pro for BHS

A MacBook Pro laptop and updated design software for Briars & Ivy, the high school’s literary arts magazine. The computer will be used by the students/magazine staff members for laying out and formatting the school’s magazine.

  • Exercise Equipment for BHS Fitness Center

New and improved exercise equipment for new space constructed in the HS fitness center. All students and staff will benefit from new and latest technology of exercise equipment.