The BMEF is pleased to announce our grants and initiatives awarded for 2016. Funding of over $97,000 was approved for an exciting Initiative Project. Over $44,000 in funding was approved for grant projects that will enhance and enrich a variety of curricular areas at all of the Briarcliff schools. See descriptions of all of these below:


Innovative Active Learning Spaces for BMS and BHSF - Funding for classroom or library spaces, outfitted with current technology and specially-designed furniture, that can easily accommodate full class, small group or individual work.  The ability to reconfigure a set up supports new teaching methods being used in the district’s shift to a student centered learning approach.  Children are given a more active role in the learning process, guided by their teachers to develop critical thinking and research skills necessary to succeed in a world that is focused on new ideas and technology.


World Drums at Todd - Funding for good quality, durable drums for the entire Music program at Todd.

Kindergarten Kinetic Sand - Funding for Kinetic Sand to be used for sensory awareness, fine motor development, creativity, stress reduction, relaxation, and therapeutic purposes to enhance the K curriculum.  The sand will be used in letter writing, number writing, creative building (STEM) and cooperative work.

Todd Reluctant Reader Program at Todd - Grant is for two things.  A large offering of a rich selection of appealing books which is the strongest strategy to combat the reluctant reader problem.  And, for a visually attractive mobile shelving unit which can be used to create various displays throughout the Library.

Habits of Mind Puppets for Todd - Funding for hand puppets and larger life puppets to benefit all students at Todd by supporting the continuation of the implementation of Habits of Mind.

Power Shot Canon Camera at Todd - Funding for a camera that will be used daily to record student work for assessments purposes and communication with parents.

Water Bottle Filing Station at Todd - Funding for a water bottle filling station to continue their beliefs to protect and honor the earth.  Will be for the whole school to use which helps to promote healthy living and less waste.

Alternative and Ergonomic Seating Options at Todd - Funding to outfit the Kindergarten classrooms with new multi-sensory seating options to support their continually changing needs.

Popcorn Machines at Todd - New machines for the second grade popcorn factory.  These deluxe poppers will provide a safer, cleaner way to run the program. 

Under Desk Petals at Todd - Funding for 30 under desk petals for the 2nd, 3rd grades and the OT dept.  Studies show that students need more movement not only for exercise but as a means to help focus and attend. 

Ongoing Grant for Optimal Choices in Alternative Seating at Todd - Funding for 25 stand up desks.  Todd already has 60 desks from a previous BMEF grant.  This will allow for several desks to be in each classroom so no child feels singled out.

Tetrix Prime Robotics at Briarcliff Middle School - Grant for the 8th grade technology unit.  The Tetrix Prime robot kits will provide an opportunity for students to learn about robots and how they are controlled. 

ELMO Visual Presenter at Briarcliff High School - Funding for an adjustable camera head to let students view images from above, from the side or up close. Projecting demonstrations will be a great teaching tool particularly in art classes. 

Augemented Reality Sandbox for Briarcliff High School - Funding for an Augmented Reality Sandbox utilizing LINUX software, a kinect 3D Motion sensing camera and a projector above the sand to sense the elevations of the sand and project a color coded image of contour lines back onto its surface.

BHS School Store / Briarcliff High School Finance Club - Follow up grant for continued support needed to fund and maintain a school store.

The Mariposa Senior Internship at Briarcliff High School - Funding for unique educational opportunities for students to relate BHS academic experiences to real-life situations and foster a sense of civic responsibility and cross-cultural exchange; it includes opportunities for language and cultural immersion, discussions of gender equality in Latin America, exposure and participation in the country’s educational system, and environmental education and DR history field trips.