The BMEF is pleased to announce our grants and initatives awarded for 2014. $65,000 in funding was approved for two intiative projects and over $40,000 was approved for 10 that will enhance and enrich a variety of curricular areas at all of the Briarcliff schools.

Initative Projects

  • Library Initiative at BHS

Launch of an upgrade and renewal project for the HS library to update the current library collection to align to 21st Century Standards. Funds will be used to purchase in-print and eBooks..

  • Classroom Amplification System for Todd School

Funds to purchase one portable system for each classroom at Todd.  Every Todd student and faculty member will benefit from this system. Over the past 15 years research has shown that FM sound-field amplification is an effective way to produce significant change in students' listening behaviors and academic achievement.


  • Laminating Machine for BMS and BHS

Funding to replace broken laminating machine that is housed in 7th grade wing and used by both middle and high school.  This project enhances the school curriculum by providing all members of the Briarcliff Schools access to a machine that can make their materials, projects, manipulatives, posters, etc. permanent (non-consumable).

  • 3Doodler Pens for 3D Drawing for BMS and BHS

Class set of the 3Doodler pens used by students in both Middle and High Schools. This will allow for the expansion of learning activities that aid students in understanding how to transition concepts and ideas from two-dimensions to three dimensions. The 3Doodler incorporates cutting edge technology that provides very user friendly, hands-on learning experiences that enable students’ ideas to literally jump up off the page.

  • Habits of Mind Signs at Todd

Signs to display in hallways at Todd School that will display signs with reference to a Habit of Mind familiar to students. Will provide a continuing learning link between Todd and BMS.  Provides reinforcement of habits used by successful people when trying to solve a problem.

  • Puskin Players funding for Todd

Funding for Todd Musical in 2014-15 school year for purchase of show kit and materials for costumes, props and sets for next year's Pushkin Players. The production involves approximately 90 students and their families and benefits the entire school.

  • Smart Document Cameras at Todd

Funds to purchase SMART document cameras for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classrooms at Todd. These cameras will enrich all subject areas of our curriculum.  SmartBoard Document Cameras will enable students to have the opportunity to demonstrate and display their independent and group work for class discussion, modeling, and review. Will contribute to curriculum and daily instructional program, particularly in the areas of math and writing.

  • Sewing Machines at BMS

Funding for the purchase of 10 additional sewing machines that will enable students to work individually on projects which will allow for more progress and variety of projects.  All students cycle through this at some point in the school.The Home and Careers room was remodeled this past summer as a result of the Capital Funds Project. Part of the remodel was specifically designed to create a sewing center, separate from the cooking center.  The intent was to comfortably facilitate sewing for students and to allow the opportunity for additional sewing machines to accommodate enrollment.. 

  • Explore Learning Gizmos Subscription at BMS

This project is for an annual subscription to Explore Learning’s Gizmo website. This subscription is available to all middle school students to be used in both science and math. The website has simulations related to different topics that enhance the learning process. This is a site we have used with great success over the past 3 years.

  • Vernier LabQuest 2 Interface and Probes at BHS

Vernier LabQuest is a standalone interface used to collect data with its many physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and environmental science probes and sensors. It also has built-in graphing and data analysis applications. The large, high-resolution touch screen makes it easy and intuitive to collect, analyze, and share data from experiments. All biology, chemistry, earth science and physics students will be the primary beneficiaries of this purchase. This is every student in the high school. This project augments the school curriculum by providing a hands-on scientific inquiry that complements the material being studied.

  • Arc Trainer for BHS Fitness Center

 Funding for the purchase of an Arc Trainer in the BHS Fitness Center to assist in the updating of cardio equipment in the Fitness Center area that was expanded last year.